Why You Need Wall Art Of Your Pet

Undoubtedly, taking professional photographs of your pet is a worthwhile investment and of course, purchasing all of the digital files of these photos can be super satisfying and exciting!

However one of the most incredible ways to remind yourself of these special and unique photographed moments is with custom dog wall art to proudly exhibit on the walls of your home. 

Deciding to go for wall art of your pet with the help of your pet photographer would be extremely rewarding for both you and your pet. Let's dive in and take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you need wall art of your pet!

A variation of dog wall art

Why You Need Wall Art Of Your Pet

1. Technology Is Evolving And Might Fail

The art of photography transcended from the camera obscura, daguerreotypes, dry plate, calotypes, and film, today we have digital cameras. Think about the CD or USB digital photos you had. Where are the files from those devices now?

Sometimes, newer devices can lack the appropriate drive to give you access to your digital photos, or your USB can get corrupted, hard drives can abruptly get wiped, etc. This clearly tells you that technology can fail and that having only digital photos of your pets is not enough.  

Similarly, your computer can unexpectedly crash before you can back up your files, and there is a possibility of losing your phone either through theft or a hard fall. Whatever the case may be, investing in wall art for your pet can save you the upset of losing precious moments between you and your pet (as well as your gadgets - oops!).

2. Pet Wall Art Makes Awesome Interior Decor

No doubt, having a piece of wall art of your dog can automatically announce to your guests that they're part of the family. In addition, it's a huge plus to the aesthetics of your home, making it feel more lived in and comforting. Who doesn't love to see artwork of pets, right?!

Hang your dog wall art in your living room and be prepared to receive compliments on your home decor. You will naturally have lengthy conversations about your pets as they intrinsically become the focal object for conversations and admiration for your guests - at which point you can even introduce your favorite furry friend to them!

dog wall art hung up in past clients homes

3. Your Custom Pet Wall Art Will Bring You Joy

Having a bad day? Imagine walking past your pet wall art beautifully seated on the wall of your home. You can't help but give a wide grin because you can almost immediately recall all the beautiful and fun moments with your dog. 

Wall art of your pet can help remind you of all the little things you love about them and serve as a reminder to enjoy every moment while it lasts. It can also help you to be enthusiastic about your day, smashing those goals and creating more beautiful memories.

We all love reminiscing over our best moments with our pets for as long as it takes. You can be certain that a piece of wall art of your pet will create a more lasting memory that brings joy and happiness to you.

4. Wall Art Can Serve As A Memorial To Your Pet

Sadly, we're all scared to accept the fact that our pets can't live forever, especially because of the bond we may have shared with them over the years. Nonetheless, having wall art of your pet will always keep them close to your heart.

Whether you decide to have new pets or not, you always have a constant reminder of your beloved dog.  Your wall art will help showcase how much you valued your dog, and it communicates to friends and family true friendship and a strong bond you both shared.

What better way to truly show how important your pet was to you than wall art? Allow your dog to be remembered and loved through the showcase of your wall art beautifully hanging in your space.

Basil, the Corgi standing next to wall art made from a picture of him

5. It Can Last A Lifetime

Look on the bright side, your pet wall art can last forever, they're real and tangible, and you don't have to contend with losing your phone, your computer crashing, etc.

Even if you get tired of having your pet wall art hanging on your wall, and you want to photograph another fun piece, you can easily put up your dog's wall art for sale either on your social media platform or in an art gallery which is also a win for you.

5. You'll Look At It Way More Than Your Digital Photos

Truth be told, we may never have the time to refer back to digital photos of our pets, or go through Pinterest boards filled with our four-legged friends, especially when we have a pile of activities to attend to daily. 

Sometimes it can be a hassle trying to find them on your phone. Other times, you are trying to create space to accommodate new files that pop into your phone so you are tempted to delete some pictures.

Keep in mind that digital photos have their place, you may need to email your pets' digital photos to friends and family. However, don't forget that the primary purpose of taking your pet photograph is to effortlessly have a glance at beautiful memories, capture your dog's personality and reminisce over amazing moments.

Even if you have to scroll past your pet's digital photo 80% of the time on your device, you have your wall art to remind you how amazing your pet is. All you have to do is seek out a professional pet photographer to re-create a stunning piece for you.

a collection of dog wall art

6. Dog Wall Art Can Help Create Awareness To Support A Cause

Having your dog's wall art is a great way to show that you are a social activist against dogs, a veterinarian, works with an animal rescue team, or a dog trainer/walker/sitter. 

Whether or not you are hosting an event to support this cause, you can help communicate to the public with the help of your wall art. It instantly passes a message that you value the lives of pets, hence people are more willing to share their thoughts with you.

You can go the extra mile to hang these wall arts at your workplace, at your dog's training center, or at dog shelter homes. You can tell a great story with your dog's wall art and inspire others to rewrite the narrative as it concerns a healthy dog lifestyle.

It's an open secret that dogs love treats and have emotions as well. They know when they're been treated with love. You can point to these wall arts and shower your dog with praise. These smart and intuitive creatures know what you're showing them. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a call with me so that we can discuss how to create amazing wall art of your pet!

If you're thinking to yourself, how on earth do I choose wall art of my pet, or know what kind would work best for my home, read these 6 tips to make choosing artwork for your home stress-free.

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