How To Include Your Dog In Your Ottawa Wedding

Dog owners treat their pets like family. They make sure their four-legged best friends share some of life’s best moments with them, from birthdays and graduations to even proposals!

For most dog owners in Ottawa, one of the best ways to honor their furry friends is to include them in arguably one of the happiest days of their life - their wedding.

There are many ways to incorporate your dogs into your big day, from bringing them along to the wedding as cute guests and walking you down the aisle, to having them as cute little best men with bow ties!

You, however, need to consider if the premises of your wedding venue allows pets and your pet’s personality. Below are some ways to include your Dog in your Ottawa wedding - whether they can attend in person or not.

A small white dog in front of an Ottawa Wedding Venue

How To Include Your Dog In Your Ottawa Wedding

1. Every Hooman Needs a Dog of Honor

While you will probably have an actual maid of honor to help through your big day and stand with you on the altar, you might want to sign your furry friend up as a dog of honor.

Get them a colorful costume that goes with your wedding theme, and watch your dog light up the occasion with so much cuteness. A spot next to you and your partner at the altar is where they deserve to be.

2. Include Your Dog In Wedding Stationery

Need your dog to star at your wedding? Then plan a small photo shoot for your Save the Dates, and get an illustrator to create designs that put that cute little face into your invites.

You can also print your dog’s illustrations on wedding signage, napkins, brown paper doggie bags (yes, pun intended!), and menus.

3. Honor Them With Dog-themed Décor

When honoring and including your pet in your dog-themed wedding décor, you can choose to be as elaborate, detailed, or subtle as you like.

There are many ideas to try, like Corgi-shaped candles, Golden Retriever centerpieces, and tables named after pets if you’ve got more than one.

Whatever you decide to do, allow your imagination to roam free, and don’t be afraid to try new décor ideas as they come.

A chocolate Labrador at an Ottawa Wedding

4. Mention Your Dog In The Ceremony

Mentioning your dog on the day is one of the easiest ways to include your dog in your Ottawa wedding.

You can pay tribute to them by mentioning them in your ceremony through special animal-themed poems or self-written vows and watch their heads tilt and ears stick out at the sound of their names.

Reserving a seat for them up front with their photo framed is another way to have them with you if they can’t physically be there.

5. Dog Picture Table Number

Table numbers will be one of the things your wedding guests will look at the most, so what better place to thrill guests with beautiful dog pictures than on personalized table numbers.

Put to good use the hundreds or thousands of pictures of your dog by creatively converting them to lovely table numbers that your guests will enjoy seeing.

6. Dress Them Up

While it might be you and your partner’s day to dress up and look your best, it is also an opportunity for your dog to look equally dashing!

Tutus, floral collars, tuxedos, and bow-ties are some creative ways to dress up your dog and have them beside you on your big day.

7. The Three Of You Could Use a “Just Married” Walk

Between the ceremony and the wedding reception, you, your partner, and your furry friend can take a “just married” walk and soak up the first few moments of marriage.

The walk could also be an opportunity to get away for a bit and have your wedding photographer capture some cute and fun moments.

8. Three Isn’t a Crowd On The Dance Floor

A couple’s first dance is always a romantic and special part of the occasion. But a couple’s dance with their four-legged best friend will be even more special. 

Once the music starts playing, lead your dog and partner to the dance floor and watch that pup steal all the attention!

9. Donate To An Animal Shelter

This would be both a thoughtful and sweet gesture, especially if you got your doggo through a rescue charity.

To go about this, you can easily donate to a charity of your choice in honor of your dog and if you want, let your wedding guests know about it; some might be encouraged to join the cause.

A white dog at an Ottawa Wedding

10. Name A Cocktail After Your Dog

Are you planning to use a caterer or wedding venue that offers the option of having custom-made cocktails? Try getting them to create something deliciously inspired by your four-legged buddy.

While your dog might not have affiliations with any cocktail spirits, the thought of having them be named after a cocktail and appear on the menu is refreshing and adorable.

Businesses That Offer Pet Services For Your Wedding in Ottawa

Critter Jungle

Critter Jungle offers pet owners pet supplies and pet food. The company is a family-owned business that has served the Ottawa community for more than 29 years. 

Critter Jungle caters to all pets and provides quality products and sound advice for healthy and happy pets.

Dayna’s Pet Sitting

Dayna’s Pet Sitting Inc is a leading pet care service for dog walking, overnight care, and more. It serves the Ottawa area and others surrounding it. 

Dayna’s Pet Sitting employs well-trained, bonded, and insured staff. The company also has two canine behavior consultants and veterinary technicians on its staff to handle any pet care-related problems.

In The Doghouse

In The Doghouse offers a range of pet care and lodging services, including a special pet sitting service for owners on their wedding day! 

Their staff will drive your dog to and from the wedding venue, include them in your celebration and pictures, and conduct post-wedding cool-downs like snuggles, walks, and dinner.

The Pampered Pet

The Pampered Pet, another family-owned pet store based in Ottawa, focuses on selling pet food that is 100% natural.

Pampered Pet offers a variety of accessories and food products for your furry friends and their quality grooming services if you require them.

Pet-inclusive wedding events are a great way to pay tribute to your loyal doggo. Ceremonies like this must consider the pet’s temperament, personality, and more, to be successful.

Everything is easier if friends and family already know and share in the solid bond you and your pets have. Besides, it's always an adorable sight to see a pup on tutus and bowties and a pet-inclusive wedding is an elaborate excuse.

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