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So, you want to decorate your home with photos of the cutest pet in the world?

(But maybe you're worried that the little cutie won't sit still for photos?)

Then you're exactly in the right place, because I've got you.

How it WorksPet Photographer Ottawa

There's nothing quite like the bond between a pet and their person.

The absolute trust they have in you. The fact that they can sense the moment you need some cheering up, and you can tell what they're thinking just from their facial expression.

Not everyone understands the relationship you have with your pet, but that's just fine. The bond you have is real, valuable, and adds joy to your life every single day.

Our photo session together will be an unforgettable way to honour that bond. And your gorgeous artwork will help you remember every detail of your beloved pet, even long after they're gone.

Your pet is perfect for a photo session

Even if they won't sit still. (Yes, really!)

Most of the pets I photograph are regular furry family members, without extensive training. So if your pet hasn’t won any obedience awards lately, you’re in good company here!

I’ve worked with lazy, hyper, shy, reactive, fearful, boisterous, excited, and friendly pets. In every case, the secret to capturing gorgeous photos of them is patience and compassion.

I will love your pet the moment I meet them and I always take the time to help your pet feel safe and comfortable so I can capture their personality.

Whether your pet is trained or untrained, I guarantee that you’ll love the photographs we create together.
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How the experience works

1. Let's chat

Book a call (link to scheduler) to tell me all about your pet. If we're a good fit, we'll get you booked in and reserve your date.

2. Planning Call

We'll have a video chat to learn more about your pet's personality and what you're dreaming up for your artwork. Based on that, we'll design your custom photo session and decide on the best location for you.

3. Photo Session

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s your pet's time to shine. The session is fun, relaxed, and stress-free. We'll spend an hour or two on a walk together and stop along the way for photos as we go. Most of the dogs I photograph stay on leash the entire time and I edit them out of the photos afterwards.

4. Design & Ordering Appointment

The Big Reveal! You'll see the best photos from your session and custom-designed artwork and album options to best display then. I'll advise you on which photos work best in which rooms, and which product they'll look best printed on. 

5. Artwork Delivery

Once your handmade artwork is ready, I'll personally deliver it to your home for you to enjoy forever.

Our pets want the same things we all do when we have our photos taken:

We want to have fun.

We want to look good in the photos.

We want to be told how pretty/handsome we are.

Whenever possible, we like to be rewarded with treats.

Not only am I your pet's photographer, I'm their own personal hype woman.

Learn more about custom artwork

Learn more about custom artwork


The Best Pet Photographer Ottawa
"Sam is amazing and I cannot recommend her enough. We had such a wonderful time getting our photos taken with our pup. She is extremely talented and takes absolutely stunning photos. Honestly, we couldn’t have been happier with the photos she took. Sam is a true animal lover and it truly shows in her work. Not only do we recommend her, we are already planning our next session with her!"
- Rocky's parents

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