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Sam Coral Rowe

About Me


Hi, I'm sam! 

I hang out with the cutest pets in ottawa, take their photograph, and turn it into artwork.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Literal. Dream. Job,” then you're my people. 

And you're right. It is the best job in the world. I get to spend my time:
• Meeting other people who are just as obsessed with their pet as I am. 
• Playing with the cutest pets in Ottawa.
• Creating gorgeous wall art and albums for my clients to decorate their homes.

I know what it's like to love your pet so much you think your heart might burst. Pets bring something so special to our lives. Nothing brings me more joy than helping pet parents create gorgeous artwork that perfectly represents their unique pet.
The Pet Portrait experience

Other things I'm into...

supporting small, local and sustainable business

cinnamon lattes, butter chicken, and what we do in the shadows

meet my son

If you're a dog parent, you get it. 
This is my boy, Basil. My 5-year old tornado of sass and sweetness. He makes me smile from the moment I wake up.
Pet Portraits

I take photos of you and your pets in all the places you love to hang out.

In your home, snuggled up on the couch sharing a Sunday brunch (go ahead, slip them that piece of bacon, not judging), or strolling through a park and letting them chase toys.

Your pet might be sassy, goofy, shy, mischievous, loving, or all of those things. I create a custom experience for each pet to let their unique personality shine through so I can create artwork you'll love.
Dog Photography Ottawa

pets are family.

I take photos of your pet because you never knew how incomplete your life was until you met them, and having photos of them on your walls of them matters to you.
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Pet Photography Ottawa


You consider yourself a pet parent, and your pet is like your child
You have multiple (potentially embarrassing) nicknames for your pet
You celebrate your pet’s birthday/gotcha day
You absolutely MUST point out every dog you see on the street
You value quality over quantity, and prefer to get things done right the first time. You want epic and scenic portraits of your pet to hang on the wall, after all. 

Does this sound like you?
I think we just became best friends.

Tell me all about your pet


You can’t remember the last time you spoiled your pet
You don’t see the point in celebrating milestones in your pet’s life
Your pet is “just a dog/cat” to you
Don’t love seeing your pet’s happy face when you come home
The quality of your photos isn't a priority. You just want a bunch of photos to post to IG, anyway.

Are you a pet parent in the Ottawa/Gatineau area?

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