5 Small Businesses with the BEST Pet Accessories

Ok, so real talk… My pets’ wardrobe is at least twice the size of my own.

I just cannot get enough pet accessories. From the must-haves like collars and leashes, to the less-essential-but-still-must-haves like bow ties and bandanas – I love it all.

My pet accessory wall. Is it too many accessories? (No, it is not.)

The “bad” news is my pet accessory collection takes up a full wall in my house.

The good news is:
1. My pets look and feel fabulous
2. As an Ottawa Pet Photographer, I have so many accessory options so that your pet looks and feels fabulous during our photo session, too.

If you’re like me and you want to spoil your pet while supporting small business, you’ve just hit the mother lode.

(in no particular order)

Good Wolf


⭐ - For ????
⭐ - Biothane collars, leashes and long lines
⭐ - 31 different colour options
⭐ - Supports local rescues
⭐ - Based in Ontario ????????

Functional, fashionable, and financially accessible. These are the perfect collars and leashes for furry adventurers or low-maintenance couch potatoes. Good Wolf creates durable, waterproof accessories made of Biothane, which is resistant to mildew and fading and will stand up to years of wear. Over 30 colour options are available to suit every dog, including neutrals, jewel tones and even neon.

When the owner Amanda started making collars to donate to shelter and foster dogs in need, she didn’t expect to launch a business. But word got around about how awesome the collars were, and Good Wolf was born! Amanda still supports dogs in need by donating regularly to Ontario rescues.

Browse Good Wolf’s Online shop.

Check out Good Wolf’s Instagram.

Holly & Co

⭐ - For ???? + ????
⭐ - Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Bow Ties, Bandanas, Waste Bag Holders, etc.
⭐ - Most luxurious accessories on the market
⭐ - Widest Range of prints and fabrics
⭐ - Based in Australia ????????

Holly & Co is a sophisticated and elite pet accessory brand without a painful price tag. Their accessories are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I mean, they’re nicer than most of my clothes but my dog Basil is extra and demands the best ????‍.

Em and her mom make the accessories individually by hand to make sure each one is perfect. They use heavy-duty metal hardware, which is essential if your dog is a puller like mine.

Holly & Co offers over 150 different bow ties, so there is truly something to fit every pet’s personality. (You absolutely need to check out their signature velvet collection.)

If your stylish pet deserves only the best, go with Holly & Co. 

*Shipping to Canada costs $20, but the exchange rate from Australian dollars is in our favour so your order will actually turn out to be less than you expect! #win *

Browse Holly & Co’s Online shop.

Check out Holly & Co’s Instagram.

Wilder Bandanas and Collars


⭐ - For ????
⭐ - Bandanas (some are double-sided!), and fabric or leather collars
⭐ - The easiest bandanas to get on and off
⭐ - Based in Newfoundland ????????

Wilder bandanas are the easiest bandanas to tie. Forget fiddling around to fold them perfectly, Wilder bandanas are made with the perfect fold already sewn in place, with a sturdy cotton tie at each end. They are by far the simplest and fastest bandanas to get on and off your pup.

Another reason I love their bandanas is because they don’t bunch up. I’m not sure how (I’m not ruling out magic), but they always sit flat on my dog’s chest. Tons of prints and solids are available: floral, Aztec prints, plaid, waxed canvas, and the list goes on. For collars, you can choose the style that’s best for your dog: buckle, slip or martingale.

Browse Wilder’s Online shop.

Check out Wilder’s Instagram.

RRB Petwear


⭐ - Mainly for ????
⭐ - Flower collars/crowns and bandanas
⭐ - Supports rescue and charities
⭐ - Based in Ontario ????????
⏸ - On a temporary break

RRB Petwear creates beautiful floral crowns/collars and small batch bandanas using locally sourced materials with a focus on earth-friendly sustainability. Flower crowns aren’t just meant for Coachella, they’re also meant to make our pets look cute as heck.

Every bandana is reversible so that you get two different looks in one. Meg designs all of her products, and even offers customization to make them perfect for your furbaby. RRB Petwear supports the charity 4ocean and the rescue HelpAWS.

RRB Petwear is perfect for eco-conscious pet parents with classic style.

Check out RRB Petwear’s Online Shop. (Temporarily closed)

Check out RRB Petwear’s Instagram.



- For????
- Harnesses and Hands-free walking system
- Perfect for heavy pullers or training
- Based in Ottawa ????????

Produced right here in Ottawa, JWalker offers several products in their hands-free dog walking system, but their flagship product is a patented side-attachment harness. Owner/inventor Jessica has a background in canine behaviour and training, and designed JWalker to help you control your dog, but also to help you teach them how to walk with a loose leash. I use the harness with the utility belt so I can keep my hands free to reinforce good walking behaviour with a clicker and treats.

The JWalker is a great option for dogs that pull on walks, for training, for multiple dogs, or just for walking hands-free so you can hold your latté.

Browse JWalker’s Online Shop.

Check out JWalker’s Instagram.

Bonus – Frisky Misky’s Feline Euphorium


- For????
- Unique Cat Toys
- Based in Ottawa ????????

These don’t technically count as accessories… but they’re so cute I had to include them anyway.

Handmade in Ottawa, Frisky Misky’s sells handmade toys for cats who like to party (AKA all cats). The catnip or catnip alternative toys come in cheeky designs, which make it even more fun to watch your kitties bat them around. I recently bought the tiny pizza toy because my cats think they’re people.  

Check out Frisky Misky’s Online shop.

Check out Frisky Misky’s Instagram.

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