Top 10 Ottawa Dog Businesses That Help Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

It is popularly said that a "Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog". As a dog owner, one of the greatest gifts you can give your dog is keeping them healthy. 

Keeping your pet healthy can lower the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and many more sicknesses associated with dogs.

Ottawa sure isn’t lacking when it comes to pet stores and services to help keep your pets healthy and active. Ranging from healthy pet food, training, healthcare, accessories, and grooming, you can be sure to find a service that appeals to you and your furbaby. 

Wondering what some of the best dog businesses that thrive in Ottawa are? This article has compiled a list of the top 10 Ottawa dog businesses that will help to keep your pet happy and healthy. Let's get started!

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Top 10 Dog Businesses in Owatta

Here are some dog businesses to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

1. A Dog Trainer

Dog trainers have expertise in controlling and managing the behavioral pattern of dogs. They're responsible for evaluating your dog's disposition, consulting with clients to discuss behavioral patterns and their needs, as well as creating a welcoming atmosphere for learning.

What's great about dog trainers is their ability to come up with training programs, and command techniques that are best suited and unique to every dog. They can also perform in-home training so you don't have to worry about traveling to get their services, you can be certain your pet will thrive in an environment they're already familiar with.

Undoubtedly, there are countless options for the service of dog trainers in Owatta (some of which are listed below!). Some of these dog trainers are solo trainers while others have a team, whichever be the case, Ottawa dog trainers are committed to giving you and your dog an experience to keep them happy and healthy.

2. A Dog Walker/Sitter

One of the many ways to keep your dog in check is by engaging them on daily walks. Walking your doggo helps them exercise their mind and body. It also allows your dog to release excess energy so they can sleep better and perform optimally. 

If you've got a busy work schedule or have limited time available, you may require the top-notch services of a pet walker/sitter to help take your dog on daily walks as scheduled. A dog walker/sitter provides companionship to your dog especially if you are absent for a long time or engaged constantly with work. 

They are keen to observe their behavior and report concerning issues to clients. Pet walkers help in the disposal of waste and the cleaning of dog paws after every walk.

You can easily find local and trusted dog walkers/sitters in Ottawa to provide top-notch services to encourage mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy dog.

Ottawa Dog business, Ruff House website homepage

3. Doggy Daycare

The Ruff House is another go-to doggy daycare that offers a wide range of excellent services in Ottawa. They specialize in daycare services, grooming, and training for all kinds of dogs

Their grooming services entail full grooming like rinsing, nail clipping, facial scrub, brushing, nail clipping, de-skunking, etc.

They offer group training for dogs as well as private classes to attend to the unique needs of every dog. You can rest assured of getting high-quality raw and dry food with a great nutritional value from Ruff House as well as specialized dog accessories.  

Wait, there's more? All dogs have to go through a temperament test to guarantee their safety and match their pairs. Moreso, there is enough room to ensure the safety of every dog while they play. Coming to Ruff House might just be all the experience your dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

4. Pet Grooming Spa

Looking for an excellent grooming spa service in Owatta? Purrdy Spa offers a full-time grooming service for your pets. This includes haircuts, trimmings of all kinds, thorough cleaning, brushing, blowing drying, deep paw cleaning, etc.  

Interestingly there are different package services you can access for every breed of dog. There are puppy packages, special needs grooming, creative grooming, canine bath and paw package, etc.

5. Pet Grooming and Training

Have you tried all grooming services and it seems difficult to get your pets nails trimmed? Kay the dog whisperer is a nail parlor that offers great services for all kinds of pets. 

Besides getting your pets nails trimmed, Kay The Whisperer offers other services like ear cleaning, face trim, full-body bath, etc. You can be assured that your pets are completely in safe hands.

Most importantly, Kay The Whisperer is dedicated to giving your pets absolute care mentally and emotionally, especially to pets who may have trained out of fear. Your pet can overcome their fears and enjoy grooming services to stay happy, active, and healthy.

Ottawa Dog business, Pet Shoppe website homepage

6. Pet Shopping Store

Another great Owatta pet business is the Pet Shoppe. This store is family run and provides all kinds of pet supplies. You will find the best meal for your pets at Pet Shoppe because they deal in specialized food which is 100% natural and is of high quality for all pets.

They also have professional groomers for your pets who ensure your pets are looking the best. They offer all grooming services which are split into different packages to suit you. At Pet Shoppe your dog will enjoy a home away from home.

7. Dog Stores

There are numerous dog stores in Owatta to give your dog the best life and live healthily, stay active and enjoy fun moments. You can purchase food, pet treats, accessories, and toys from pet retail stores.

Dog stores like Pet Circus, Masters 'n Dogs, the Pampered Pet, Critter jungle, and many more are good places to shop for your dog items.

Whether you are an Owatta dog trainer or not, dog stores in Ottawa are committed to giving you luxury items and quality products for your dogs to stay happy and healthy.

8. A Local Vet

The service of a local vet is of high essence if you desire to have a healthy and happy pet. In Owatta there are numerous local vets readily at your disposal to administer all the care your pet needs.

For example, the Center Veterinary Hospital is one of the top three vets in Owatta. They're responsible and well equipped to handle any health concerns of your pets. 

They help with dog vaccination, dog behavioral counseling, dental care for dogs, microchipping a dog, dog fleas, pet emergencies, etc.

Ottawa Dog business, Canine Clubhouse website snippet

9. Pet ClubHouse

Your pet certainly needs a space to play, learn, run, train, and socialize with other dogs. A clubhouse allows your pet to engage in mentally stimulating activities through supervised playtime. 

The Canine Clubhouse runs one or two camp days where different breeds of dogs engage in playtime activities. The play areas are covered with rubber mats made out of recycled tires. This helps your pet's paws when playing with other furry friends. Every fun activity is to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Their professional trainers are well experienced with every breed of dog, thus they are skilled in the use of positive reinforcement techniques and facilities. Every dog undergoes a behavior assessment to guarantee the safety of other dogs before being admitted into the clubhouse.

10. Dog Behaviourist

It's important to understand why your dog behaves in a certain way or why they do the things they do. This will help them live healthily and stay happy.

The Dog World in Owatta is trained to understand and shape the behavioral pattern of your dog, providing a safe and secure environment for your dog. There are extensive programs that cover a wide range of dogs' lifestyles. This ranges from their diet, psychology, health, pack management, safety, etc.

There are different facilities like cozy lounge areas, groomed nature trails for hikes, grassy pack space, etc. Every program is tailored to meet the unique need of your pet to stay happy and healthy.

While your dogs may not be able to speak verbally, they communicate a thousand and one words if you try to listen. Therefore, it's necessary to observe the needs of your dogs, body language, and behavioral patterns.

This way you can create a healthy and happy routine for your pet. These top 10 Owatta dog businesses above provide you with all the necessary care facilities you will need to groom a happy and healthy dog. If you're looking for more ways to keep your dog happy, mentally stimulated and tired, check out these 5 ways to keep your dog busy.

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