Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers In Ottawa

Reinforcement training has been known since the early 1990s as a means to encourage dogs to keep up good or bad behavior. Interestingly, dog trainers are seeking out positive reinforcement training and strategies like the use of treats, rewards, praises, etc to cultivate good behavioral habits in dogs.

Positive reinforcement helps you build a mutual bond of trust and respect between you and your dog. It helps to boost your dog's confidence and provides mental stimulation eliminating boredom, aggression, or anxiety - the benefits are enormous. 

Seeking a professional dog trainer in Ottawa? The list of professional dog trainers in Ottawa is endless, however, we have listed some positive reinforcement dog trainers in Ottawa that can be of great service to you. Let's dive in!

Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers In Ottawa

Dog Trainers in Ottawa

Here are some dog trainers you can find in Ottawa:

Ottawa Canine School

Ottawa Canine School dog trainers possess a strong revolt for using pain or any negative reinforcement technique to compel obedience. They hinge their value on kindness as the most effective way to train a dog. 

They have private sessions to have in-depth knowledge of your dog's personal needs. You can choose a convenient training time for you and your dog whether it's an online, physical, or group class. This way they can tailor their services to suit the training process of your dog.

While they are focused on obedience, socialization, learning new skills, and the agility of your dog, they are well studied when it comes to helping dogs with separation anxiety. A dog trainer specialist in separation anxiety dutifully goes over a four-week training commitment period for your dog.

The Canine School Home Page

Best Friends Dog Training

Best Friends dog training center has been in operation since 1994, providing consistent and experienced services over the years. They emphasize the need for incredible fun for both the dog and its owner in every training session. 

Therefore they're emphatic when it comes to the use of motivation, and reward-based techniques to help train your dog. Beyond the training of your dog, they also pay close attention to its owners to ensure they feel excited in every step of the training process for their dogs.

With over a dozen dog training instructors, their specialty is in the agility of your dog, scent detection, tactical communication, tracking, obedience, and therapy sessions for your dog.


A distinguishing feature of the AwesomeK9 dog trainers is their ability to harness positive reinforcement training for dogs from puppyhood before adulthood. Trainers are highly qualified with continuous educational qualifications to help them improve learning and gain professionality in their field.

They offer physical and online sessions with quality assessment time to help them draw conclusive evidence on your dog's skills, habits, temperament, etc. Thus, they know how to uniquely deal with such traits in the cause of training. 

An additional benefit of AwesomeK9 is the free downloadable materials on their website to help new puppy owners. These trainers are quick to applaud your dog for a job well done during every training session.


Carolark dog trainers are committed to helping dog owners understand how their dogs learn and think. These dog trainers imbibe the use of positive reinforcement methods that appeals to both the owners and its dog.

These dog trainers offer special training classes that cover good manners, obedience lessons, brain and bodywork sessions, sports sessions, and puzzle-solving. Whether it's a private, group, or stay-at-home package, Carolark trainers have you covered.

Carolark Website Home Page

Keshet Kennels

Keshet Kennels dog trainers are well schooled in all types of dog breeds, they however do focus on large dogs. They also serve as a shelter and adoption home for rescue dogs. 

These dog trainers incorporate training sessions that improve dogs' agility, such as walking, jumping obstacles, pausing, sitting, etc. They also adopt certain canine sports to boost your dog's confidence. 

These trainers are well schooled in using the act of positive reinforcement like treats and rewards to develop good habits for your dog.

T&T Dogs Unleashed

Interested in holistic training for your furry friend? T&T dogs unleashed trainers guarantee your dog's safety, happiness, and health security throughout the training period. They pay attention to diet, communication, and playtime during every positive reinforcement training.

If you are seeking out a rescue rehabilitation center for your dog, they're also skilled in such services. You can be certain that your dogs would be safe and well handled during the rehabilitation program.

T&T Dogs Unleashed Website Home Page

While hiring a dog trainer who is skilled in positive reinforcement training may seem like the perfect idea, it's important as the owner to learn the basic training skills. This way, the learning process for your dog can be quick and easy. 

Be quick to offer rewards like treats, toys, handshake, praises, and even a photo session for every milestone reached. In no time, you will have a happy, healthy, and obedient furry friend.

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