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Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers In Ottawa

Positive reinforcement helps you build a mutual bond of trust and respect between you and your dog. It helps to boost your dog's confidence and provides mental stimulation eliminating boredom, aggression, or anxiety - the benefits are enormous. 

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Heat Stroke in Dogs: How to Identify, Prevent and Treat it

As we approach the hottest months of the year, it's important to know as much as we can about heat stroke in dogs. In this post, I'm breaking it down!

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How To Include Your Dog In Your Ottawa Wedding

Wanting to include your dog in your Ottawa Wedding? This post's for you! I'm covering how to include your dog in your wedding as well as businesses that offer pet services specifically for your big day!

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Top 10 Ottawa Dog Businesses That Help Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

Wondering what some of the best dog businesses that thrive in Ottawa are? This article has compiled a list of the top 10 Ottawa dog businesses that will help to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog: 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy

man beings, dogs need a strong balance of mental and physical exercise, whether it's indoors or outdoors. Here are 5 ways to keep your dog busy...

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